audio Episode 15: Alanis, dick pics, Facebook Fundraisers and #BrusselsLockdown

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0:00 – 3:40m Introduction & feedback
3:44 – 7:40m Alanis, Adele and viral video story-telling
7:46 – 13:14m Debra Messing’s dick pic
13:20 – 16:35m Facebook’s Fundraiser pages
16:41 – 22:15m Battling #BrusselsLockdown with cats
22:23 – 40:24m Interview with JobBliss’ Angie Kramer
40:26 – 41:36m Extro & sign-off


Tags: dick pic, debra messing, facebook fundraiser pages, nonprofit, jobbliss, brusselslockdown, adele, alanis, james corden, jimmy fallon, angela misri, eden spodek,



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