audio Episode 11: Justin Trudeau, BLAB, Advice from PepsiCo and double-standards

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0:00 – 2:17m Introduction
2:18 – 7:42m Justin Trudeau and the #PMILF trend
7:45 – 12:29m Jennifer Lawrence’s essay in Lenny on wage gaps in Hollywood
12:35 – 15:08m Tooltip:
15:14 – 18:48m Brad Jackman of PepsiCo disrupts the Annual Masters of Marketing conference
18:50 – 22:15m Mia Matsumiya and her @Perv_Magnet Instagram project
22:17 – 22:37m Extro & sign-off


Tags:  equality, bradley cooper, jennifer lawrence, mia matsumiya, brad jackman, pepsico, blab, advertising, justin trudeau, canpoli, elxn42, canadian, unbuttoned media, hashtags, trending, Angela Misri, Eden Spodek, podcast


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