audio Episode 16: #blackfriday, the returnship program, Holly Brockwell, Adele and iPad Pro

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0:00 – 2:36m Introduction
2:38 – 7:08m Sapient Nitro’s ‘returnship’ pilot program
7:10 – 13:02m Holly Brockwell’s quest to become sterile and the trolls who attacked
13:08 – 19:02m Black Friday & Civilized Saturday
19:07 – 22:26m Adele, Hello and all the mash-ups inspired by her
22:28 – 27:18m The Amazon Echo and Castle!
27:20 – 29:32m Wayne MacPhail’s tooltip on the iPad Pro
29:34 – 30:02m Extro & sign-off


Tags: holly brockwell, returnship program, blackfriday, civilizedsaturday, ipad pro, wayne macphail, women’s rights, maternity leave, adele, hello, remix


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