audio Episode 18: A STEM badge, Vogue, WiFi anti-terrorism, #hackahairdryer, Kindoma

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0:00 – 5:59m Introduction & feedback
6:02 – 11:35m Justin Trudeau and Vogue magazine
11:37 – 15:45m Brigit success
15:48 – 18:42m Banning Wi-Fi to keep us safe
18:45 – 22:32m #HackAHairdryer experiment from IBM
22:35 – 24:45m A new girl scout badge for STEM
32:26 – 36:30m Kindoma and Carly Shuler #kindomaconnects
36:33 – 36:51m Extro & sign-off


Tags: girl scouts, badge, STEM, hairdryers, IBM, donald trump, wifi, France, terrorism, terrorist, Justin Trudeau, vogue, carly shuler, Kindoma, Indigogo,


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