audio Episode 20: Steve Harvey, Nima, gender bias in animation, and the death of the infographic

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0:00 – 5:29m Introduction & feedback
5:31 – 10:05m Nima: a food tester that detects allergens
10:11 – 15:30m The death of infographics and Fast Company’s Yule log burns on bad memes
15:35 – 22:35m First Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation at CalArts
22:37 – 27:30m Steve Harvey owns his Miss University mishap
27:34 – 30:2m0 Angela’s tooltip: PushBullet
30:20 – 30:4m0 Extro & sign-off


Tags: Miss Universe, Steve Harvey, CalArts, First Symposium on Gender Bias in Animation, infographic, Nima, food, gluten, PushBullet, Angela Misri, Eden Spodek


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