audio Episode 21: CES 2016, Code-a-pillar, Just not sorry extension & Carrie Fisher

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0:00 – 7:09m Introduction & #SmartGirlsAsk on the Golden Globes
7:21 – 12:24m Fisher Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar
12:28 – 17:22m Just Not Sorry browser extension for Chrome
17:25 – 23:34 Carrie Fisher responds to body shaming comments
23:40 – 27:44 the Diet Sensor
27:46 – 34:41m Mashable’s top 9 predictions & best of CES Audio
34:44 – 35:09m Extro & sign-off


Tags: sorry, thank-you, fisher price, mattel, code-a-pillar, CES, toyfair, coding, golden globes, SmartGirlsAsk, chrome, carrie fisher, Prizm, amy poehler, star wars, the force awakens



  1. I am one giant music geek who HATES the idea of Prizm as you described it. I want to CURATE my music MYSELF! I want to spontaneously pick songs and albums and artists that occur to me. And I want to introduce my friends to the tunes that are blowing my mind. The idea of putting all of these playlists together sounds awfully drudgey to me. If Bill is coming, don’t play Lou Reed; if Jane is here, play lots of Fleet Foxes. One of the joys of working in my own house is the ability to choose music for my mood and for what I need to do and to play it AS LOUDLY AS I LIKE!

    As always, love what you two are doing. I learn a lot and your discussions expose me to new ideas. What more could I ask for?

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