audio Episode 23: Scholarships for girls who code, Rey’s action figure, Vimeo Shares the Screen

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0:00 – 7:09m Introduction
7:21 – 12:24m Girls Who Code Scholarship
12:28 – 17:22m Why Rey is missing from the toy stores
17:25 – 23:34 Vimeo supporting female film makers
23:40 – 27:44 Gregory Alan Elliott not guilty of online harassment
34:44 – 34:09m Extro & sign-off


Tags: gillian anderson, x-files, xfiles, david duchovny, Gregory Alan Elliott, not guilty, harassment, twitter, vimeo, films, scholarships, girls who code, star wars, the force awakens, rey, action figures, hasbro



  1. What I love about this is you two simply sound like you are having a conversation over coffee and we are all flies on the wall. My companion now for the long rides into Oakville from Toronto…thanks ladies. Andy


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