audio Episode 27: the Crunchies, U Waterloo, women code better and Hijarbie Barbie

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Podcamp Toronto was a blast as always, and our panel on Women in Podcasting generated some awesome discussion — we grabbed a few members of the audience for some quick audio clips.

The University of Waterloo is offering some free computer science courses that we think people should be paying attention to.

The Crunchies welcomed some diverse members of the Slack team to accept the fastest-rising start-up award, and a recent report seems to indicate that in blind taste tests, the code written by women outshines similar code written by men.

And Hijarbie Barbie is showing some style on Instagram.


Tags: hijarbie barbie, women, code, waterloo, crunchies, tech crunch, Shopify, brand podcasting, rent a minority, satire, pcto16


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