audio Episode 29: Blab panel discussion on Gender, Public Speaking and Pay Equity

blab-promo2This is a special episode we recorded on Tuesday, March 8th with guest Gini Dietrich  and surprise guest Bob LeDrew @bobledrew (we had planned to have Elan Morgan  join us too but the technology failed her).

Download the episode here:

Listen/Watch here:


0:00 – 1:33m Introduction& feedback
1:33 – 48:41m Panel discussion


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  1. […] Gini Dietrich wrote a while back that pay equity in public speaking is still missing in 2016. In this Blab, she talks with Eden Spodek, Angela Misri, and Bob LeDew on how pay equity or the lack of it affects today’s professionals, regardless of the industry. You can see and listen here. […]


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