audio Episode 44: Olympic sized sexism, Code Club Senegal, Lindsay Lohan and Sara Benincasa

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BLAB and Google Hangouts are going the way of MySpace, but Facebook Live is stepping into the vaccum with a new feature.
The Olympics have wrapped up, and like everyone else, we think the ladies were the main story in Rio. From Penny Oleksiak to Fu Yuanhui to Simone Biles, there is so much to talk about in changing the culture of reporting on women in sports.
Sara Benincasa is maybe not a household name, but the comedian had a medium post response to fat-shaming that we think deserves some attention.
As does the Lindsey Lohan video no one seems to be talking about – it was an assault, it was caught on camera, and for some reason, it’s totally under the radar.
And we wrap things up with Code Club Senegal, a brilliant project to get women in West Africa coding.


Tags: code club senegal, facebook, blab, google hangouts,Sara Benincasa, lindsey lohan, fu yuanhui, simone biles, olympics, penny Oleksiak


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