audio Episode 3: #iLookLikeAnEngineer, Donna Papacosta and auto-play

Download the episode here:


0:00 – 1:48m Introduction and mail from Communitech
1:50 – 5:45m Revenge Porn
5:53 – 10:33m  Trending#ILookLikeanEngineer hashtag
10:35 – 13:02m  Mompreneur VS Entrepeneur
13:10 – 24:53m  Interview with Donna Papacosta
24:56 – 26:59m Auto-play and the Virginia shootings
27:02 – 27:30m Extro


Tags: #ILookLikeanEngineer, The Business of Podcasting, mompreneur, Donna Papacosta, revenge porn, hashtags, trending, Angela Misri, Eden Spodek, Donna Papacosta, podcast


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