audio Episode 7: #OldStockCanadian, Dooce, Partnership parenting and 100DaysofUI

Download the episode here:


0:00 – 4:18m Introduction, feedback & mandate update
4:22 – 12:53m Why I Put My Wife’s Career First
12:59 – 21:19m Dooce closes up the mommyblog and advertising
21:32 – 25:02m Trending: #OldStockCanadian & #GlibandMale
25:10 – 28:08m Tooltip: 100 Days of UI
28:11 – 28:45m Extro & sign-off


Tags: old stock canadians, glibandmale, canpoli, spacing, new stock Canadian, UI, design, hashtags, trending, Angela Misri, Eden Spodek, podcast


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