audio Episode 8: #Peeple app, Jouzge, Grandma Sandy and Bellabeat

Download the episode here:


0:00 – 3:18m Introduction& feedback
3:22 – 8:02m Grandma Sandy’s anti-bullying work
8:04 – 11:55m Bellabeat’s Leaf wearable tech
11:57 – 16:08m Windows 10 and parental reporting
16:10 – 23:18m Peeple app and the controversy
23:20 – 31:53m Dana Wendt, founder of Jouzge
31:55 – 33:37m Wayne MacPhail’s tooltip: Apple watch ‘just press record’ app
33:39 – 34:14m Extro & sign-off


Tags: bellabeat, jouzge, dana wendt, #ToThePowerofGirl, windows 10, bullying, friendship bench, peeple, hashtags, trending, Angela Misri, Eden Spodek, podcast


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