audio Episode 9: Peerby app, #RehtaehParsons, how not to interview women in tech

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0:00 – 4:01m Introduction and update on the Peeple app
4:04 – 13:21m  How NOT to interview a woman in tech
13:23 – 20:44m  Trending: #RehtaehParsons VS Matthew Keys
20:47 – 23:20m  Tooltip: Peerby app
23:22 – 24:12m Extro & sign-off


Tags: Peerby app, bullying, friendship bench, peeple, Rehteah Parsons, hashtags, trending, Angela Misri, Eden Spodek, podcast



  1. Worrying and accurate I’m sure Bob. This comment should serve as lesson to women who aren’t confident enough to step up and represent their field of expertise. I’d like to say ‘no one cares how you look,’ but you and I know that women are held to a stupid standard that men don’t have to meet. There has to be a balance.


  2. Great episode. One thought that may be relevant to you conference discussion: I remember from my days doing media relations in post-secondary education that it was far more likely that women faculty would say no to media interviews than men. Sometimes that would be because of scheduling, etc. But women were far more likely to say no because they felt their depth of knowledge was insufficient to speak on the subject. My response was: “it’s a clip in a TV story. You know more than 90% of humans about the general area, even if you haven’t done deepdives in this one very limited part of it.” But men were far less likely to say “oh no not me.”

    Also, women faculty members would sometimes turn down TV interviews because they weren’t “dressed for it”, while I can’t remember a single male saying that.

    I respect the choices those women made, but I can tell you that the choices meant there were far more male experts quoted than female.


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