audio Episode 33: Kerry Washington, Chariot for Women, Reddit hate and the Gap

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I hate the name, but the new Uber-esque service ‘driven by women, for women’ is a concept I can get behind. Called ‘Chariot for Women’ shudder> the app launches in Boston on April 19th, and according to its male founder, is supposed to make women feel more comfortable in both the passenger and driver’s seats.

This week seemed to be full of incidences of discrimination and hate, from the real, like the Reddit thread that included a comment describing women as the ‘Hitlers of Sex,’ to the ambiguous – like the Gap Ad that featured four girls in a dance troupe posing, and one girl supposedly looking like a prop rather than an active member of the group. That girl was the only visible minority in the ad, so people got a little upset. I vote we focus on the real issues myself, like Kerry Washington’s photoshopped cover image on AdWeek.

One of the positive notes this week comes from Mohammed Asaduallah, the founder of Women & Color. He started it as a twitter account that simply reported the lack of diversity of the speakers at various tech conferences in Toronto. I interviewed him about the database of names he is gathering of people of color and women who would make great speakers, and what his next steps are.


Tags: reddit, kerry washington, scandal, racist, gap, uber, chariot for women, tech, toronto


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