audio Episode 34: Bots, female avatars, the web we want and red red lipstick

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You know what happens when gamers are arbitrarily assigned female characters? Well, they certainly didn’t thank the makers of RUST who did just that.

An endeavour that is getting a lot of support is The Guardian’s subsite dedicated to confronting cyber-bullying called ‘THE WEB WE WANT.’
And if you want an example of why such a site is neccessary, we’ll tell you about a PEI reporter who got taken to task on social media for wearing red lipstick. No, seriously.

And we’ve got two new tooltips specific to podcasts this week – Google Play, which has just introduced Podcasts to its directory and Clammr, which we are experimenting with to do 24s promos.


Tags: red lipstick, PEI, female, avatars, rust, game, mmporg, bots, clammr, google play, guardian


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