audio Episode 36: Etsy, female sportscasters, #morethanmean, playing the woman card

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If you haven’t seen the video where men read horrible tweets sent to female sportscasters, we’re going to tell you all about it. And then we’ll pull out our woman cards. Never heard of them? Neither have we. But Trump tells us it’s a sneaky thing we’ve had access to for generations and have used to become the strongest force in the world. If you believe that load of cow paddies, then you should read some of Ross Putman’s tweets. He’s a Hollywood producer who posts lines from some of the more ridiculously gendered scripts he gets handed.
Thankfully, there is some good news from the internets, namely Etsy’s efforts to balance out their gender diversity.
And the BEST news on the internet this week has to be the Princess Awesome clothing line for little girls who love dresses with cars and math stamped all over them.


Tags: Etsy, Morethanmean, women, sportscasters, tweets, female scripts, clothing, princess


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