audio Episode 40: Clinton and Tech, Apple Coding Camp, Uber Conference

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We love how the women of Google responded to sexist comments from shareholders – with LADY DAY – a day when we get to put the word “Lady” in front of all our titles.
And on the topic of women responding to sexism, we get fully frontal with Samantha of Manchester’s response to an unwelcome dick pic left as a result of her Facebook restaurant review.
Hillary Clinton unveiled her technology platform for the U.S. presidential race.
“Connectivity, education, and entrepreneurship” sound like ideas we can get behind, and on the topic of education and the end of the school year, we have some more education-based stories this week. Apple is launching a coding camp for kids in its stores this summer and the U.S. State Department and IREX got together to launch a A How-To Guide for Teachers for teaching Gender Equality in Education.
Our tool tip is the Uber useful Uber Conference line.


Tags: Uber, conference, apple, google, lady, gender equality, education, dick pics, crowdfunding


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