audio Episode 39: The Stanford heroes, the Aussie heroes and #TryBeatingMeLightly

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It’s been a bit of a depressing week for the ladies despite Hilary Clinton’s landmark gains in the U.S. We don’t understand why anyone is talking about how the next President of the United States looks, and we suggest that everyone stops and focuses on what really matters (economy, education, equality… pick one!)

We simply can’t avoid talking about the ridiculously light sentence given to the Stanford rapist, but we’re going to give way more airtime to the two men who stopped the assault: Carl-Fredrik Arndt and Peter Jonsson. Heroes.

Speaking of heroes, we’re pretty impressed by five Aussie speakers who are boycotting conferences that don’t make gender equality a priority. That’s some real-life HeForShe work that we hope pays off, and if it does, maybe they can swing by Canada and talk to the all-male board of Tim Hortons, who voted NOT to add women to their stodgy old men’s club.

Finally, we’re all over the hashtag #TryBeatingMeLightly which is in response to an insane law (in 2016!!!) advising the Pakistani court system to allow husbands to ‘lightly beat’ their wives. We’d like to ‘heavily slap’ every man on the Council of Islamic Ideology who suggested it.


Tags:  clinton, stanford, rapist, australia, Tim Hortons, all-male, board, panelists, boycott


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