audio Episode 46: Pinksourcing, redesigning Girl’s Life, the Scale Collective and Sit with us

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Kristen Bell’s Pinksourcing video is going viral for all the right reasons and there’s an Austrian teen suing her parents for posting her childhood pics on Facebook.

Graphic designer Katherine Young’s cover take on Girls’ Life magazine is perfect and we all need to do our best to influence real change in that medium, kind of like 16 year old Natalie Hampton, who has created the “Sit With Us” app to counter bullying in the school cafeterias.

Jory Des Jardins (founder of BlogHer) has launched The Scale Collective – a new conference aimed at women tech founders and our trending hashtag for this week is #TogetherToEndMaleGuardianship, we’ll tell you why.

Finally, we’ve got a tooltip about a weapon (surprise!)


Tags: #togethertoendmaleguardianship, scale collective, facebook, privacy, teen, Katherine Young, Jory Des Jardins, Kristen Bell, gender pay gap, sit with us app


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