audio Episode 47: Climbing and sexism, bad advice for women in tech and Bob LeDrew

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Fox newscaster Brit Hume had the Internet in an uproar after the first presidential debate, and we want to make sure you see Outdoor Research’s response to GQ’s sexist climbing story.
John Greathouse’s article about women in tech in the Wall Street Journal has us wondering if we’re all timewarped back to the 1950’s.
This week’s tool tip comes from Kim Vallée – it’s an app for kids called Swift Playgrounds and our hashtag this week is #podcastday for International Podcast Day.

And on a lighter note, we’ll end with a rendition of a song we’ve come to love, as sung by our friend Bob LeDrew.


Tags: bob ledrew, climbing, GQ, outdoor research, advice, swift playgrounds, #podcastday, braggadocious, randy rainbow


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