audio Episode 49: Gender pay disparity, Jessica Jones, Cupertino and Crowdfunding menstruation

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We have two worrying gender equality stories to talk about this week: the World Economic Forum says the disparity between women and men and how much they get paid WILL be solved…. in about 170 years. And you know who can really move that process along? The all male standing committee on finance. Yup. This might be why it’s going to take two lifetimes to make a change.
At least there’s good news coming from Hollywood: Season 2 of Jessica Jones is supposedly going to be directed by a roster of amazing female directors.
And we have to tell you about a crowdfunding campaign created by a Canadian woman who wants to make sure homeless women have access to pads and tampons.
And finally, it’s a weird coincidence, we are both looking for replacements for our MacBooks, and it seems, so are half our friends on Facebook.


Tags: #genderequality, tampons, pads, crowdfunding, jessica jones, apple, microsoft, macbook, menstruation,


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