audio Episode 48: What a doctor looks like, Face-stealing on Facebook and Globots

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We’re pleased to announce that despite all the smear campaign nonsense going on right now, we haven’t included any in this episode. Which doesn’t mean we won’t be discussing other nonsense, including a warning about Facebook author pages from author, Lauren Layne
In other bad news stories, Motherboard recently reported that tech leaders, including Elon Musk and Tim Cook, aren’t following women on Twitter.
But thankfully entrepreneur Mark Cuban says he has a plan to make Silicon Valley more woman-friendly
A group of tech leaders in Canada including the chief exec of Shopify, are working with Ladies Learning Code to expand their efforts nationally and this week we have two tool tips: The Globe and Mail has launched “GloBot” – a bot developed to share the Globe’s U.S. election news on Facebook Messenger.
For those of us wanting to go cashless, we now have a Bitcoin ATM in Toronto and our hashtag this week is – #WhataDoctorLooksLike –  in response to Delta flight attendants who in an emergency situation refused to believe an African American woman on a flight was a physician.


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