audio Episode 51: Apple hour of code, The Skimm, countering sexual assault with design and MentorWalks

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A county council in England has come up with a clever and discreet way of combatting sexual violence and abuse and we’ll tell you about THESKIMM, who registered almost a hundred thousand women to vote in the latest U.S. election.

Mila Kunis’ wrote an article in A Plus about more sexism in Hollywood and Toronto’s Marie Henein’s wrote an opinion piece in The Globe and Mail in support of Hillary Clinton.
MentorWalk has launched in Australia (and we wish it would come here) and don’t forget to register for Apple’s free ‘Hour of Code’ December 5th to 11th!


Tags: apple, hour of code, mentorwalks, mila kunis, theskimm, vote, Marie Heinen, Clinton,  sexual assault, design


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