audio Episode 52: Ellevate, Canada Post vending machines, HoHoTo, and the internet archive

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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If you’re ordering clothes online, you may want to check out what Canada Post is doing in Vancouver.
And as part of another smart move involving Canada, the entire internet will be archived here to protect it from the U.S. President Elect.
Interesting times, including the fact that Stephani Renae Lawson is going to jail for creating a fake Facebook account to frame her ex. She gives all the women legitimately being harassed online a bad name.

The internet archive needs to be protected as well, from President-Elect Trump. And in other news… the results of the annual Ellevate Impact Survey are here so let’s talk about the latest research about professional women in the workplace.
While we’re on the subject of women’s careers, we must mention the good work HoHoTO has been doing and our tooltip this week is for BusyBot!


Tags: canada post, internet archive, busybot, slack, hohoto, Stephani Renae Lawson, Facebook, ellevate.


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