audio Episode 53: Reductress, troll in the bed, alt-Jedi and Emmy Rossum

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What would you do if you discovered your spouse was a troll? Well, there’s a woman on Reddit is going through it live. Speaking of going through things. You should read Reductress efforts to make fun of people who make fun of rape. Sometimes sarcasm is all you’ve got.

That toolbox is full of possibilities: Slate used another tool to combat Fake News, and Emmy Rossum employed basic human rights in negotiating her salary.

And we need something good to talk about, how about Vicki Saunders, CEO of SheEo and the awesomeness that is Rogue One (despite the alt-Jedi campaigning against it).


Tags: Reddit, alt-jedi, rogue one, sheeo, Emmy rossum, reddit, troll, vicki saunders


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