audio Episode 56: Baycott, DressLikeAWoman, Heartmob and Malala

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All kinds of politically motivated boycotts going on this week are being driven over social media. From the #BAYcott over Ivanka Trump’s fashion line to Starbucks because the CEO said he was going to hire refugees.
Political messages are all the rage in digital, just take a look at the open letter from the Canadian Tech Community about diversity being our strength.
Malala is (not surprisingly) against the refugee ban, and we talk about a new social network called Heartmob that seeks to end online harassment.
And maybe our favourite positive response to Trump this week: women responding online (with photos) to his demand that female staff dress like women.


Tags: Starbucks, baycott, oscars, open letter, tech, diversity, Malala yousafzai, trump, refugees, heartmob, harassment, #DressLikeAWoman


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