audio Episode 57: HonkMobile, Snap Sunglasses, trolls beware and trying to stay anonymous

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Do you have a parking spot you don’t use? Well, it could be a new source of revenue if you use the new HONKmobile app. It’s like an Air BnB for a parking spot — you can rent yours out, or find one to rent.

And SnapChat has released new sunglasses that you TAP once to make a memory. Snap! Snap!

Then we’ll tell you about an augmented reality app that tells you indigenous stories as you walk around Canadian cities. And we want to make sure you hear the story of a Canadian burlesque dancer who hit back at her troll where it hurts: his mamma, his teacher, everyone who has influence on his life.

We read a great piece in The Establishment this week about the special blowback a woman gets when she deletes comments written by men.

We ask how much longer minorities and women have to be minorities in the tech field — we’re done being patient. Finally, our friend Bob LeDrew turned us onto a piece about how hard it is to actually be anonymous online.


Tags: honkmobile app, anonymous, trolls, deleting comments, men, burlesque, snapchat, sunglasses,


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