audio Episode 59: Ashley Jane Lewis, Knitting for math, We-Vibe, Instagram, Mayim Bialik

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I say this way too much as I get older, but my mother was right… again… Turns out knitting and crocheting can help you be better at math. We’re pretty impressed by Ashley Jane Lewis. And we’ll tell you why. We-Vibe was sharing personal information about their customers and they’re about to pay a pretty hefty price for that. People should be in control of their information, take a look at how Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson are handling it. And Mayim Bialik’s latest video is about using the word ‘girl’ to describe grown-ass women. Words matter, and so do actions. We talk about doxxing on this podcast a lot, but this is a victim we don’t usually focus on.


Tags: Ashley jane lewis, tech, knitting, math, We-Vibe, instagram, emma watson, amanda seyfried, mayim bialik.


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