audio Episode 60: A mechanical reproductive system, #hackathon, AI research moving to Canada and Kaya Thomas’s new app

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We have to tell you about this working model of a female reproductive system, her name is Evatar. And it had its first period.
We’ll get the chocolate and heating blanket, and maybe we’ll get it to download this new app by Kaya Thomas that helps you find books written or about people of color?
Lots happening in Toronto, with Google moving their AI research up here, and the BlockChain hackathon is coming up on us, at the end of the month. But hey BlockChain, would it have killed you to include a couple women or people of colour in your speaker list?
And while we’re talking about bad news, can we talk about the penis seat? Because we’d rather talk about it than SIT on it.


Tags: period, reproductive system, hackathon, AI, google, kaya thomas, poc, writers, authors, books


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