audio Episode 62: A Hackathon solution, Wired’s tech visionaries, NewCO Shift, and 1000 names

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The Dallas Morning News had a pile of tech issues they weren’t getting to, so they had a creative solution – they held a hackathon.
And WIRED released their list of 20 Tech Visionaries You Should Have Heard of by Now. We’ll tell you all about them. We like when media puts a focus on female founders, so we’d like to direct your attention to a new series at NewCO Shift.
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 opened last week, but you can open up a Doritos bag to get a taste – of the music?
We’ll also tell you about that letter to the editor from that engineering student plus two stories about female fashion that hit social media this week.
And a great idea from a journalist to combat not seeing enough women behind the podium. HERE’S a 1,000 names, now stop saying you don’t know any women!


Tags: Hackathon, tech visionaries, NewCO Shift, 1000 names, Jared Mauldin


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