audio Episode 61: What a surgeon looks like, GAP win, Ladies storm hackathon and a good subreddit

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We’re all consumers, and one of the benefits of social media is that we get direct access to give feedback to businesses. Just this week I tweeted about battery issues to Apple, and got a solution through tweets. And the CEO of GAP just took a 5-year-old’s complaint to “I can do that” in two weeks.
Maybe United should take a page from GAP.
And this is the second time we’ve talked about a brand using cancer as a metaphor for something stupid in their social media – this time Cosmo thinks cancer is a great solution for weight loss.
But we also have some good news stories – a sub-Reddit recently solved a 20 year old mystery, the Ladies Storm Hackathon on GitHub is a great resource we want everyone using and all these surgeons mimicking the cover of the New Yorker.


Tags: #whatasurgeonlookslike, gap, subreddit, mystery, github, ladies story hackathon, united


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