audio Episode 65: Tanmay Bakshi, Google pay fail, Wonder Woman and the Nancy Podcast

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We’re back to regular programming this week, and wow, some stuff happened while we were on our Bob Mob cruise! Like Google announcing that it would be too expensive to actually equalize salaries across genders, and that panel at the Hall of Femme event that was ALL men and mansplained the heck out of the topic. We’ll tell you about a good news/ bad news story with a Calgary twitter account that secretly filmed women but was shut down thanks to some good social media samaritans.
Wonder Woman continues to blow the box office out of the water, but the sponsors continue to disappoint us with diet pills and cleaning products. No, we’re not kidding. Thankfully, the first Google story we have for you this week is their Wonder Woman coding game. It’s awesome.
Less awesome is Google’s claim that it would be too expensive to actually pay the women that work for them the same as they pay the men.
We’ve got a new podcast you need to listen to called NANCY just in time for Pride Month and we’re SO impressed with a 13 year-old programmer on a mission to educate 100 thousand coders – we’d like to help ; )


Tags: Google pay, wonder woman, sexist, Tanmay Bakshi, mansplaining panels, Nancy Podcast, Tobin Low, Kathy Tu


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