audio Episode 66: Retention of women in tech, supporting mom students, bizarre app to pray for women seeking abortion

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Last week’s #DayofAction kind of went by without much fanfare, but we’ll talk about net neutrality because it’s an important subject.
As is this story in the NY Times about sexual harassment in Silicon Valley and this CBC story about diversity in Canadian tech companies – or lack thereof.
We’re 100% behind this Wired story advising tech companies not to recruit women if they’re going to do nothing to RETAIN them.
And we’re curiously optimistic about DeepText – this Instagram AI system that will supposedly delete nasty comments without involving a human editor.
And then in the category of bizarre technology – how about this app that let’s you swipe right to pray for women considering abortion.
What the actual F?


Tags: women in tech, single mom, retention, deeptext, coalition, app, abortion


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