audio Episode 68: Anon-IB, Google madness, twitter smackdown, and #MakeMineMilkshake

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We could spend the entire episode talking about that Google document because it’s repercussions just keep spilling out.
But we also have to talk about the Marvel editor who was getting trolled for basically being a female writer for Marvel. Fortunately, she got lots of support for her online, even from competitors like DC Comics.
And Dr. Karin Lachmi has a radical proposal to fix inequity between men and women in STEM fields, while getting a seat at the table continues to be a fight. We’ll talk about that too.
If you didn’t follow the twitter fashion battle between one sexist bro and the gentleman who shut him down, we are happy to tell you all about it.
And a Toronto woman is battling the people who stole her identity by contacting other women whom she observes suffering the same fate.
And Bob LeDrew pointed us at an article about men using science to prove their superiority.. let us talk you through it.


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