audio Episode 67: Vimeo promotes Anjali Sud, a whole new Doctor, Airbnb karma and the Roomba

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You might remember an AirBnB story we talked about a few months ago where a host cancelled a reservation when he found out his guests were Asian.
Happy to tell you about the happy ending to that story – because karma is ALSO Asian.
We also want to tell you about X factor Ventures, a new VC fund that will invest $3 million US in female-led startups. Vimeo just promoted Anjali Sud as their new CEO and we’re thrilled, as well as Google’s promotion
We are excited for the newest Doctor Who and not that concerned about her gender because the Time Lord is an ALIEN.
And don’t turn your back on that Roomba! It’s making a map of your house!


Tags: vimeo, anjali Sud, Sabrina Ger, doctor who, jodie whittaker, VC, roomba, airbnb


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