audio Episode 38: Chewbacca Mom, Blab, creepy bartenders, girlswhocode

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Something is going on over at BLAB, and we’re not sure it is the smartest move. But a move we totally approve of is Girls Who Code‘s series of videos making fun of the totally erroneous idea that women aren’t able to work with technology. Here is one of their awesome videos:

Really, what can you say after that piece of awesomeness? Well, we have some thoughts on My.Flow – a bluetooth connected tampon that helps avoid leakage. No, seriously. Many thoughts.

And Chewbacca Mom has had more than her 15 minutes in the sun, but we’d like to give her a shout-out for being kind of the best thing on the internet this week.

We wrap up by throwing some light on Rayanne Thorn’s terrifying article about a bartender trying to sexually assault her by putting something in her drink. Because it wasn’t freaky enough to be a woman in a bar. Thanks for that.


Tags: chewbacca mom, girlswhocode, myflow, drugged, rape, daterape, roofie, blab


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